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My Barn has changed a lot since these photo's were taken...I've got a lot more junk now.

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I've had a special request to publish some pics of my workshop and me working away. So I scrounged up a few. Now folks I don't consider this all that exciting, but here goes.

This is when I had just gotten started, I'm hammering a small nail (this is before I discovered the wonderful nail gun)

Spindles and other wooden trim pieces, parts of beds and tables etc

This is me, working on this project
You can see the actual barn in the background

Stack of shutters I picked up at a Garage Sale
There are a couple of drawers, parts of a crib and a picture frame too

More trim etc

Misc Frames

Here's where I do most of the painting, sawing etc.
It looks like a mess, but it's really pretty organized. Paint is below the saw there on the left. Small trim, embelishments, etc are there under the work table. And the low table on the right with the saw horses is just my height for me to keep clear for working on projects.

This area is a place to take larger items while i'm painting them or assembling them so they are not in the way in the work area above. You can see several inprocess items here.

Spray paint center and some sneak peaks at some other items.

Smaller Spindle and trim center

Some finished stuff waiting for the barn sale

I keep all my metal pieces and clock parts and cigar boxes over here. As well as some finished stuff there on the floor.

Misc this-N-that. You probably couldn't tell it by these pics, but I'm very much a "neat nick". Even out here, everything has a place and I know right where to go to find something. I have a box for knobs, hooks, clock parts. A box for pieces with shape, and pieces without much of a shape. I have a box for pieces that would make good legs for stools etc, and one for full large spindles. All the shutters are together, all the cabinet doors are together etc. But it is a barn and it is a mess, I'm just glad I have a place for the mess. Thanks for visiting.

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