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Currently I'm selling most of my items via my etsy store. Click the word 'robolady' below, enter my Etsy store.

The most frequently asked question I receive is for directions on how to make these Swags and wreaths. I now offer complete instructions, with full color pictures and a list of glues to use, all for only $8.00. Simply click the buy now button below, and I'll send you the link to the instructions, you don't even have to wait for the mail. You can print them right from your computer and get started. Note: it may take a few hours for me to be aware of your payment. I check several times per day, and as soon as I see the payment, I'll send the instructions.

I currently have none of these for sale, Below are examples of wreaths that can be made with the instructions above.

Note: I use recycled and reclaimed items to make these one-of-a-kind creations. Therefore, you may find variences in color and construction as well as Leftover nails or the occational dent or ding,etc. I feel these things add to the character of the piece, and illustrate it's former life.

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