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Updated Weekly, March 28,2008 Issue

This week's issue This week I am very please to be able to dedicate the entire Front page of RoboJunker.com, to my fellow junkers Ki Nassauer and Sue Whitney of JunkMarket. Their new book,Junk Beautiful, is finally available after what seems like such a long wait. I wanted to share with you a few of their projects and they have kindly given me permission. So sit back, and relax and get to know Ki and Sue of Junkmarket

Junk News Alert: Sue Whitney will be on the Today show on Thursday March 27th to kick off their new book, don't miss it. If you missed it, go here and click the link at the top right of the page.

RoboJunker in the Press

See a RoboJunker project on page 12 of the April 2008 issue of, Country Home: click here for details.

The Red Shed Girls are organizing a package Trip to the JunkMarket Bonanza in September. See below for details-I'll be going.

For projects, fabulous finds, inspiration, updates, stories, and just plain fun, all through the week visit my daily blog/journal .

Spindle Lamp by Ki & Sue

This is a lamp that I made based on a project that Ki and Sue posted on their website. Here are the illustrated instructions for this project.

Thanks Ladies for letting me post this great project.

Who are Ki Nassauer and Sue Whitney

When Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer met while watching their sons play hockey, they discovered they shared another passion: junk. While others scoured flea markets for pretty and practical items, they were the ones seeking out "the junk" no one else wanted so they could recycle it to create wonderful furnishings and accessories. Soon, these Minnesota-based hockey moms founded Junkmarket, a successful retail business and workshop for repurposing items, and Junkmarket Style.com to share their joy of junking with others. Each year fans flock to their annual Junk Bonanza flea market from across the country, and to the many personal appearances the girl's make throughout the year. Their First Book Decorating Junkmarket Style is one of my favorites and I refer to it often. I feel there are several books out there that a junker MUST HAVE. One of them is Decorating Junkmarket Style (see below) and the other is their new book Junk Beautiful.

In Addition to their books, they have a monthly "cool junk" column in Country Home Magazine. With lots of great ideas every month.

I met Ki and Sue on September 28th, 2007. You can read all about it here

Ki on the left, Margo in the middle and Sue on the right.

Junk Beautiful Review

Well the new, long awaited, book by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer is finally, almost ready to be released. I was able to get my hands on an advanced copy of Junk Beautiful and I just couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail. I was checking my mailbox, everyday, like a kid waiting for Christmas. It finally arrived on Thursday, and it does not disappoint. I'm a visual person and so the first thing I did was to thumb through it and look at all the pictures. There was eye candy on every page, new ideas I'd never seen before, beautiful rooms that show off these ladies talents, not just as junkers, but as designers as well. I had to slow down just to take it all in. Then after I'd looked at every room I decide to read the text. The goal of this book is to decorate every room of your home. So they've gone to several homes and "junk designed" different rooms in that home. You get to meet the owners of each house, you find out what their needs are for their space, and then the girls take you step by step through the projects. The photography is beautiful the text is easy to understand and the project directions are easy to follow. They've outdone themselves with this book, and it makes me realize they are in a league of their own when it comes to creativity and the re-use of junk. You don't want to miss this book, it is a must-have for all junkers. It made me want to get out in my workshop and start creating, and to get out to those flea markets and start finding. Get your copy today at the discounted pre-order price. Click the link below to order and support this web site.

Get a personalized copy of this book
click here for details

Alert: Sue Whitney will be on the Today show on Thursday March 27th to kick off their new book. Don't miss it, I'm sure they'll have some great projects for us.

If you are not a member of the American Junk Club, then you should be click here for details

Personal message from Ki to RoboJunker Readers

A big hello to fellow junkers! This is a crazy month for all us at the American Junk Club—our new book Junk Beautiful just hit the shelves, we're browsing readers' projects for CH, putting the final touches on the Country Home July Antiquing Highway (where'd we scope out this time?), working on new designs and ideas for our shopping cart, prepping for the Bonanza, and anticipating local flea markets popping up just around the corner. To top it off, I'm heading to the Rosebowl Flea in April for Country Home. Whoo!

It has been so much fun visiting with all the American Junk Club members. I feel like we are a sort of family. An eclectic bunch! I've learned much and laughed even more. I particularly love one member's words--as junkaholics, we're not looking to be cured....we're just looking for support! Margo has been amazing. I thought I was the only person that couldn't sleep due to chaotic visions of junk projects swirling in my brain. She may have me beat! If you haven't, check out her birdcage project in this month's Country Home on page 12. Fantastic!

I want to thank all of you that have supported JUNKMARKET and the American Junk Club over the years by purchasing our books, magazines, memberships, and (of course) junk. But most of all, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and stories. You make me proud to be called a junker.

Like another junker recently wrote, delight in the junk around you!


Trip to the JunkMarket Bonanza
Sept 11-14th

Each year the JunkMarket girls host a JunkMarket Bonanza in Minnesota. It's a convention/sale of sorts, for fellow junkers from all over the country. I plan to attend this year and the Red Shed Girls are making it easy.

The Red Shed Girls/Travel Agents are organizing a package trip to The JunkMarket Bonanza in Minnesota. Here are the details

JunkMarket Bonanza Trip Sep 11-14th Meet Ki & Sue, editors of Country Home Magazine, up-close and personal at a private book signing! Includes Airfare from Dallas, Hotel, Transportation, some meals, parties, gifts, Junk Club membership, Teeshirt, Junk Market Book, and a U-Haul to get your treasures back! The antiquing is FABULOUS in Minnesota! All for $895.00.

Red Shed Antiques & Riverside Travel
317 Church Street 817-310-6006
Grapevine, Texas 76051

This is a great opportunity and a great price. I'll be going and I know of several others that will be going as well. Please join us.

For our easy project this week, Ki made this great photo easle out of an old folding ruler

Step 1: Remove one end of ruler to use for front legs. Step 2: Cut 2 pieces 1 ˝” long of detached end. (Photo A) Step 3: Bend ruler into position as shown. (Photo B) Step 4: Super glue loose ends to hold project together. Step 5: Attach cut pieces to front with super glue as shown. (Photo C)

My goal is to make this site the most thorough clearinghouse of Trash to Treasure Ideas for everyone. A place that projects are handy and do not disappear over time. Thank you for visiting, I hope you find a project to spark your imagination and start the creative juices flowing. Now go find some Junk and get started.

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