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Misc Links and Blogs to Trash to Treasure Items

In my searching for T2T ideas, I've run across many a great store, site and artist. I've attempted to collect these links here. Please enjoy the variety of T2T projects and products below. Maybe you'll be inspired by something you see. At the bottom I've included links to various Blogs that have been sent to me from like-minded T2T-ers who have much to share.

Fun Junking Message Boards

Junk Revolution Message Board

HGTV T2T Message Board

Dave's Garden

IVillage T2T

IVillage Garden Junk

Delphi forum

Just Junkin

Junk Revolution

Island Girl Salvage

Linda Smith, Old Window greenhouses

Greenoak Antiques

Goddess of Garbage

Pandora's Box, Frankston Texas

Junk Warehouse

Folk Art originals by AJ

T2T Projects for Old Books

This into That

Vestal Design

Art & Artists

Check out the re-cycled items in this store

Fowl Places, Wonderful T2T Birdhouses, Must seeNew

Mitch & Susie Levin

John Carter

sign art

Aaron Foster

Malen Pierson

Liz Mamorsky, Functional and Dystunctional art

Jim Shores Art

Jason Iftakhar


Vintage PastelleNew

Green Oaks Antiques

Staples Cabinet Makers

Fuzzot Furniture

Wine Barrel Furniture

Old Printers Type Furnishings

Old Printers Type Coffee Table

This site has Printer's type mirrors, and recycled Wine Barrell Light Fixtures

Industrial Junk made into great furniture

Great items made with old film and reels and other recycled materials

Outdoor and Crazy Creatures

Fowl Places, Wonderful T2T Birdhouses, Must seeNew

Clay Pot People and Creatures

Junk Yard Critters

Dolly's Outhouse Garden

Seven Mile Metal

Making people out of clay pots

More clay pot people

Creatures made from Junk (warning, some links from this site are unsuitable for children), but the Junk is cool


Recycled Re-seen

Talking trash

Up-cycling from trash to treasure

Something OLD, Something NEW

Hurricane trash into treasure

Upcycling Metal Art

Salvage yards

Olde Good Things

Upscale T2T


Greenlight concepts

License Plate Art, A little pricey but cool.

Jewelry & Gifts


Uncommon goods, Recycled Products


Newport Nautical Decor

Refinding Products

Great Green Goods for a variety of T2T Jewelry and other Recycled products

3 R living

Broken Plate Jewelry

Anna Built Jewelry

Gifts from PC Boards

Misc Projects You can Make

Old Tie Angel

CD Clock

More CD Art

Many HGTV Projects

Clock & Lamp from Auto Parts

products made from recycled bicycle parts

Vintage Watch Picture Frame Bracelet

Circuit Board Earrings & Lamp Scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page

I just love these HGTV Projects

make your own leaf stepping stones

Blogs with T2T Projects


I've moved all my blog links to my blog. Click the link above and look on the right side and You'll see all of my favorite blogs.