For this project, I took an old ring clip board, and a grain belt scoop. Two screws from the back and it was ready to be displayed. A variation of this project can be seen below, as a vanity station.

An old mail box and a vintage folding stadium seat are great for towels and mail for long term guests. Or how about a beach or lake house? All I did to the mail box was to paint it. I had to rig the stadium seat so it folded at an exact right angle or the seat portion tilted down too much. A piece of wood attached behind did the trick.

Crate Shelf By Margo

Always in the mood for change, I decided to pull some old crates from my barn and make a storage/display shelf in my "junk room"

First to make it look less "dorm" and more "furniture" I added some feet to a board for the base.
This lifts it up off the ground a bit and makes it look more like a piece of furniture.

Then I pulled in several crates from my barn. I tried them in different configurations before I settled on this. You could screw them together at this point, but I did not. Then I accessorized with stuff that I have in the barn that is mostly for my Etsy store. Pretty much all of it is for sale. It'll be a rotation of my favorite items until they sell and then something new will go in their place.

The whole project took about 20 mins including drilling holes for the feet. I think it might make a good spot to photograph Etsy items as well.

Grain Scoop-Carry N Caddy: By Margo

I picked up these old rusty grain scoops on a recent flea market trip, having no clue what I'd do with them.

Then It hit me

I simply put 2 of the scoops back to back, attaching them to a piece of scrap wood.

This was a very very simple project. I added a handle to the top, and there you have it. It's being used for spice storage next to the stove. It would also be great for condiments at a cook-out too. To seal in the rusted patina, I sprayed them with a spray on varnish before asssembly.
I currently have 2 more of these scoops if you are interested in making one of these for yourself email me.

Vintage Textile Soak, This Stuff Really Works


Read about my product test on this great textile cleaner here

Laundry room storage by Becky P.

I love this idea that Becky had for an old wooden tool box

Becky writes:
I have attached a photo of what I did with an old wooden tool box I found in my father-in-laws shed. It's hanging over an old flat top trunk that is used for a dirty clothes hamper.

Towel rack by Vanessa C.

We needed something to hang towels on in our master bathroom. I wanted something unique and this is what I came up with. It is shoe forms screwed onto an old board I had. Works great!
Vanessa's Blog here

From Hymnal holder, to organizer, by Margo

I recently picked up these old hynmal holders at a sale.

They are unusual in that they have a large pocket, a smaller pocket, and places for a pencil. My immediate thought was organizer, so I made one.

This holds all my receipts that need to be entered, and a note pad as well as some pens and pencils. I added a little clip for important notes. It's perfect for my very small computer space, and gets stuff up off the work surface.

China Cup Organizer - by Margo

Make a row of them or just a single. Great as a key/change/celphone drop by the door.

This is a really fun and unique project. You'll need a wet saw to do this one. For a complete detailed tutorial on this project for only $8.00.

Handy-dandy Message center Catch-all by Margo

This project was so fun to do. Sorry the pic isn't really that good, the item sold before I got get a good shot of it. It all started with this long narrow basket that I picked up in MN. I mounted it to the lid of an old wooden ammo box. Then I screwed in wire hooks, also picked up at the Bonanza. For message/photo clips I used old metal Perm roller clips. A couple of old drawer pulls and it's finished. The original hinges were left on to use to hang this message center to the wall. One of my best and favorite customers picked this up at my Barn sale, and I'm sure it will be put to good use in her home.

Rusty Catch-all by Margo

When I was shopping in Minneapolis I found these great old rusty grain scoops. For this project I attached the scoop to a chippy piece of wood that I picked up at a re-use center. For clips I used old Perm Roller clips that I had found. Any clips will do. Old Hooks, and misc hardware finish it off, and you have a great beside-the-door catch-all for keys, coats, hats, notes, pictures or whatever.

If you can't find an old grain scoop, use your imagination, old sewing drawers, narrow metal baskets, regular baskets etc. will all work for this fun idea.

Luggage Pocket wall organizer pocket

This project was adapted from one I saw on the HGTV T2T message board, posted by Sharon. I took an old luggage pocket, and an old Frame and some scrap wood. Mounted the pocket onto the wood and then added various embelishments. It makes a great place to display old photo's, cards, mail etc. You could also mount the pocket on an old drawer front, or even a shutter.

Photo Display Board by Lani

2 for 1 this week

First we start with another project by Lani, And the exciting thing about this project, is that it was picked by Ki Nassauer in a contest, to be featured in her column in the September Issue of Country Home. You can see Ki's version of this great project on page 49 of the September Issue, out now.

Lani's Blog here
I took a baby bed spring and I put it on an easel. I added more black and white photos of him from a baby 'til now, cut them with pinking shears and clipped them on it with office clips. Also added some scrapbooking accent pieces from Michaels.

This is a letter sorter made from an old spring.

In this pic you'll see my bulletin board that I dressed up with some old frames. Next to it is a wall pocket I made with an old drawer front.

This is an old doll crib, turned into a place for files.

This is an old bicycle basket that I use for files

Other uses for old bread boxes

this is my inspiration board, it's some sort of old drying rack, next to it you see the bicycle basket

Office organizer

For this project, I simply took some cistern buckets, and attached them to an old board. I added an old hinge on top as a hanger, but that is optional. It's great for holding markers, pens and scissors etc.

Catch all organizer

This organizer was made from some grain scoops that I picked up at a flea market. I spray painted them white an then rubbed them with fine sand paper to give them that aged look. Then I simply screwed them onto an old piece of wood and added hooks. This makes a great by-the-door catch all for keys, change, etc. And I'm sure you could think of many other uses for it.

Becky of beyond the picket fence

did this great project with an old shoe form. She Writes: "I found an old board that the shoe form fit on nicely. I used E6000 glue and glued it in place first. When that was dry, I screwed a screw from the bottom of the board up into the back part of the shoe form. I could not screw into the front part of the shoe form because it was so narrow or thin, but it was secure with the glue. I screwed the memo clip into the back part of the form. You need to use a washer because the clip handle hole is big. And then I coated the whole thing with some polyacrylic ( the picture I have was taken before I coated it, so it looked a little better afterwards). If the shoe from didn't have holes in the front for pens and pencils, I am sure you could drill holes for that purpose."

Here's an old bread box that I use to display my pretty folders that are for sale in my booth.

business card holder

I framed my calendar with a great old oval frame that was painted and then distressed

This birdcage has been turned into a Craft organizing center. Simply spray paint a bird cage , make shelves out of left-over wood and accessorize with your favorite craft items or pretty papers. You can even slide envelopes and mail between the wires.

I found this idea in a local Antique/Junk store. It could easily be adapted for use in the home. They took a bunch of bakery bread baking trays, like these.

Mounted them on 2 boards at an angle, to make bins for display.

Just imagine the possibilities. Update: Here's the one I made

Bracelet tree

For this project, I simply had an old candlestick, and a spindle from a Chair. I glued the spindle to the top of the candlestick with liquid nails and let it dry for 24 hrs. Then to cover up the glue I added some ribbon and trim and there you have it. A Great storage and display for your bracelets. This project would look great painted and distressed too.

Abitofwhimsey from the HGTV board came up with this great idea for those old wooden spools that you can find at flea markets everywhere. Thanks for the great idea.

Hi, I'm so glad I found you... I've been looking and praying for ways to become more organized w/o spending so much $. I love your lint basket idea- It cracked me up because this is a real source of pain in my hubby's life I'm forever leaving it out (not intentional-but He thinks I do it to pester him- um not a bad idea!) I loved all yr cute ideas- I'm more shabby chic so keep those ideas rolling! Love you from my rented cottage by the Lake in Wis.. Your new friend, karla

Some more organizational ideas

In a closet upstairs I have all our medicines. Everything is sorted by type into these baskets. I have a basket for First Aid, Stomach meds, Cold & Flu meds etc. On the shelf beneath I have cleaning products. The ones used most are in the handled basket, It's handy and all I have to do is grab the handle and go. The box holds stuff I don't need as often.

I have pictures (the ones not in books) sorted in these boxes by year. It makes it easy to find one when I need it. I also throw new pictures and momentos in the "current year" box for future scrapbooking.

In The bathroom, Left to Right (we sort small items like toothpaste, makeup, etc in these silverware sorters. I put this plastic drawer thing under the sink to put items I don't need often, but need often enough to have them handy, It's better than throwing it all in a box or a drawer. And this is not only pretty, but functional, We hang our towels here daily to dry out for a second use.

Scrapbook supplies have a home in this old wooden carrier, and Sewing items are sorted using plastic sorters in the top drawer of my sewing cabinet

I had a lot of vertical space in this TV Cabinet. I found this unattactive, but functional shelf unit and it fit right in. The doors are closed most of the time so it is not seen. The green and yellow pictures boxes you see, sort DVD's and electronic cords.

This little cabinet is cute and it holds table linens, special glasses, and candles in an open display.

Garage and Garden Organization

My husband put up these 2 organizational items. The first one holds keys for each driver in our home, as well as door openers, glasses etc, that we would need when leaving the house. On the right is in our Garage. It holds our garage door openers so we can open the doors as easily as flipping the light switch. Other items are hand there on the hail hooks. Not pretty, but very practical

This is something you can pick up at any Hardware store, and is great to get those tools up off the floor.

This is just some peg board, mounted on the outside of the garage for those garden tools.

Roger built dog beds into the cabinets in our mud room. It's great because during the day the doors are closed and it all goes away.

And now for some controlled Chaos, my very unorganized pantry

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