Percom Buildings

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All of these buildings are in Garland Texas.

If you have any pictures of buildings as they were when used by Percom, please email it to us.

Barnes Building 1977?-1979?

This was Percom's first real building after it moved
from Harold and Lucy's backyard building.
It was next to a convenience store and is now a church.

There was reflective film on the windows to keep the sun out,
and kids would come by and make silly faces in the window,
not realizing that there were people on the other side looking at them.

The Barnes building in 2001.

Kirby Building 1979?-1983?

Kirby was the first big building for Percom. About 30-50 people worked there.
Most doublers were built there, purchasing, tech support, and later repair.
The Kirby building was kept even after most of the company moved to the
Pagemill building because we couldn't get out of the lease.

The Kirby building in 2001.

The front door of the Kirby building in 2001.

The rear of the Kirby building in 2001 with the old sign still there!
Look real close and you can still barely make out 'Percom Data Co, Inc.'

Shiloh Building 1979?-1982?

The Shiloh Building housed Accounting and Sales at the same time
as the Kirby building. We had an interesting phone system between
the 2 buildings where someone would yell 'ring down' which meant
that there was a call from the other building.

The Shiloh building in 2001.

Pagemill Building 1982?-1984?

This is the BIG building where all the Atari drives and hard drives were built.
Many changes to Percom's way of doing business took place here.
At its peak, there were between 150 and 200 people in there.

The Pagemill building in 2001.

Floyd Building 1984?-1986?

The last remaining people worked in a small building on Floyd street.
IBM expansion chassis were built there.

No picture available.

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