Percom Data Corp. 1976-1986

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Percom Data Company, Inc was a Texas corporation formed as a proprietorship by Harold
and Lucy Mauch in 1976 then incorporated in 1978. Percom designed, manufactured and
marketed peripherals, modules and other products for personal computers. Products
included the the first reliable cassette interface for personal computers, the
fantastic Disk Doubler for Tandy computers, and Atari Disk Systems. Percom was one
of the pioneering forces in the early personal computer era.

This website is maintained by Margo and Roger with help from others who
cherish these old memories about a great company with a great atmosphere and
great people. Thank you Lucy and Harold who worked so hard to make it all happen.

Harold Mauch (1942-1982) Click here for a larger version

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This picture was taken Fall 2000 when a few of us got together for lunch.
This meeting led to the planning of the first Percom Picnic 2001

The Percom Reunion Picnic June 2001
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This photo was taken of Harold and the Ham Radio club at JBU. Harold is the only one seated in a chair

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