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Last Modified 5/11/06

Kirby Location

Left: This picture was taken sometime in the late 70's.
The girls are wearing T-shirts with 'Mini-Floppies' on them.
Right: Connie Burnside models her shirt

Barbara, Anita, Rose, Debbie, Gloria
Jane, Caryl, Connie.


Group hanging out in Manufacturing probably around 1979, Scroll down and see how this group grew in the years to come.

This was taken at the Philadelphia convention, Fall of 1979. It was a small booth, compared to what would be the future. Scroll down to see Comdex in the 80's

Percom's bowling team 1981

Pagemill Days

Left:Monthly Birthday Celebration, at the Pagemill Location

Right: Holiday Meal, quite a bit larger group of people from the picture above.

Virginia & Bettye working hard at the Pagemill Location

Record Breaking Sales Team

Convention Pictures

Left:Dixie Models a computer desk

Right: Lucy, Don and John show off new products

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