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People have changed emails and several of these do not work. If you have any updated information please send it to me at

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Note: where names have changed, the Name at time of leaving Percom is given If new name taken it will be in ( ).
John Adel Jr.
Bob Adams
Stephanie Allen (Schafer) Email no longer valid
Hortencia Alvizo  
Roger Arrick
Margo Arrick
Rose Bivona
Randy Bryan (work home)
Sam Campbell Email no longer valid
Debbie Campbell
Joann Dover
Dixie Dowlen
Beverly Emerson Email no longer valid
Rosa Flores
Mike Foreman
Dale French
Annette Frosini
Mary Frances Garrison
Lin Hall
John Hampton
Joann Harris
Bettye Haynes
Jane Howell
Anita James
David Lawson
Lucy Mauch (Banks)
Don Maxwell
Hugh McClintock Email no longer valid
Gloria Mejorado
Caryl Padgett(Eberhardt)
Ladd Roberts
Barbara Robertson
Todd Sanders 
Larry Saulter
Byron Seastrunk
Darron Shaffer
Wayne Smith
Virginia Stone
Tracy Stone
Larry Taugher Email no longer valid

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Bob Adams
I just hit the Percom data site.  The email information you have for me is
pretty old.  Currently my personal email is
  .  My work email is
 .  I have been here going on 18 years now.
Has there been any talk about getting together again?
RSSG Lead System Engineer
Thomson Legal & Regulatory
New Email address

John Adel Sr.
        ADEL SR., JOHN of Dallas, Texas passed away on December 1, 2002.
Born October 5, 1919 in San Antonio, Texas, he served our country as an Air
Force Commanding Officer from 1941 to 1952, and upon retirement joined
Investors Diversified Services, Inc. where he was in management for 25
years. Later, he used his military expertise to become a force in the high
technology industry. He was a founding director of Electrospace Systems,
Inc, an electronic technology company working primarily with the military
that became a publicly traded NYSE COMPANY later sold to Chrysler
Corporation. He also founded and served as chairman of Spectradyne, a
publicly traded company that was a pioneer in delivering in-room movies to
hotels across the world; founded Precision Electronics Products; served as
Vice-Chairman of Cable Health Care; and most recently was co-founder of
T-Speed. He was active in his family and community as well serving for 15
years as a member of the Baylor University Medical System Foundation. He was
preceded in death by his loving wife of 50 years Edna Adel. He is survived
by his son John Adel, Jr., daughter Frances Adel Varel Dunson, son-in-law
Michael M. Dunson, four grandchildren Jessica Adel Varel, Allister Adel De
Nitto and her husband David De Nitto, Nicholous Mark Varel, Jr., and
Alexander John-Daniel Varel, and his wife of four years Geneva Adel. The
family sends a heartfelt thanks to the staff of 16 Roberts at Baylor
Hospital. Services will be held 2:00 P.M. Tuesday at Ellis Chapel at Park
Cities Baptist Church, Rev. Leroy Summers, officiating. Interment to follow
in Hillcrest Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Our
Childrens House at Baylor Hospital, 3600 Gaston Avenue, #100, Dallas, Texas
75246. Dignity Memorial Sparkman Hillcrest 7405 W. Northwest Hwy. Dallas
(214) 363-5401
Published in the Dallas Morning News on 12/2/2002. 

John Adel Jr.
Hello! I just thought I would drop you a line and ask that 
you include me in any future Percom news, events, etc.
I am John Adel, Jr. and I am living in the San Antonio area. 
My father, John Adel, Sr., passed away last December but I am 
sure he would have gotten just as much of a thrill as I have 
visiting the Percom site.
I would love to hear from folks and get acquainted again.

Hortencia Alvizo 
Information provided by her son Juan:
Hi margo, I was browsing the net when I came across this site and this is the
company my mom Hortencia Alvizo used to work I was young and I still remember 
and I do see her name on the list. My mom is doing fine and works for a 
jewelry company.

Margo (Mauch) Arrick
Important events since leaving Percom: Birth of 2 boys, Allen 1986 and Alex 
Where working now: Arrick Robotics, and stay at home Mom
Favorite Percom Memory:  My Dad deciding one day to break free of a 
partnership that wasn’t working and go out on his own.
Choosing which font for the Percom Logo. The building in the backyard where 
I would play with globs of solder and trim PC boards for 50 cents each.  
Hearing all the stories about what happened at work that day. My 13th 
birthday “surprise party and cake”.  Taking lunch orders and going with Jane 
to pick it up. Parties, ball games, picnics.
Meeting all the wonderful people, all who influenced me more than you can 

Dan Baker 
 ran across your Website... Glad all is well with you and your family. I'm on
the "not found list"; an update below.
Daniel A. Baker, Ph.D.
President & CEO
NVE Corporation
Important events since leaving Percom: Married; two children (Stuart and
Kimberly); finished the MBA I started at UTD plus lots of other schoolin'.
Where working now: NVE Corporation
Current Address: 12900 St. David Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone #: 952-996-1628
Favorite Percom Memories: Various folks patiently trying to teach me to talk
like a Texan. Pig roasts. Lunch at the BBQ place. The first 3.5" floppies.
When I interviewed with Harold in 1982 he took me for a ride in his new Cessna
172. He loved to fly and it was a great view of Dallas, but I'm not sure he ever
quite mastered the landings.

Randy Bryan
2309 Indian Trail
Rowlett, TX 75088
972-412-1805 - home
214-442-1085 - work work home
Randy Bryan
Corporate Purchasing Manager
214-442-1085 Office
214-528-0995 Fax

Dennis Constantine
Executive Vice President
Integrated Solutions Group
Dennis Constantine, executive vice president of Integrated Solutions Group
Constantine began his career in 1965 as project manager at Hazeltine Electronics Corp.
Constantine left Hazeltine in 1984 to become vice president of Operations for Percom Data
Corp., a designer and manufacturer of computer peripheral systems for the personal computer
In 1986, Constantine joined TransTechnology Corp. as president of Federal Laboratories Inc., a
supplier and developer of law enforcement products. 

Dixie Dowlen
Current Address:  2701 Lakeway Dr., Rowlett, TX  75088
Phone #:  972-475-7528
Important events since leaving Percom: Had 2 children, Ritchie & Megan. 
Started my own business, M&D Micro Systems, a
manufacturer’s rep. firm, for computer products.
Where working now: M&D Micro Systems
Favorite Percom Memory:  Selling the 1st 100 Atari Drives to STRAITLINE 
MARKETING-kicking off record breaking sales.
Also all trade shows we went to. All the parties we had.

Mike Foreman
When I left Percom I went to ComCo Systems and stayed there for 18 years doing R&D and designing all types of equipment.
I went back to school in 1996 and now manage a computer center for Bear Stearns.
Mike Foreman

Dale French:
    I'm currently working for Heartland Payment Systems in Frisco, doing application development on credit card terminals.
I've been there for 4 years now, and like it so much I moved to Frisco about 2 years ago. 

John Hampton
Current Address:  2606 San Saba Dr., Mesquite, TX  75050
Phone #: 972-329-6529
Important events since leaving Percom:  Still Alive!
Where working now: ACI Glass Distribution
Favorite Percom Memory:  Not enough room to list.  Love the memories, all of 

Beverly Humphries
Information provided by Bettye Haynes:
She's now Beverly (Humphries) Wells,
1610 Meadow Way, Garland TX 75042, 972-276-4252.  I told her we would
keep her name handy if we have another reunion.  She was really
disappointed she didn't know about the last one.  She asked about several
people. I was able to tell her a little bit.  She talked about when her 
son Danny would come to the warehouse and skateboard on the back dock. 
He's now a cop in Fort Worth with 3 children.

David Lawson
i'm david lawson. don't know why it took me so long to google "percom data",
but i did, and found your site. i'm up in maine now. doing the same thing 20
years later, my company,
it's good to see harold's legacy live on.
david lawson

Don Maxwell
Current Address:  2546 Hillsboro Ave., Dallas, TX  75228
Phone #: 214-321-4284
Important events since leaving Percom: 2 more kids, my oldest, Kyle was
married 2 years ago
Where working now:  Verizon Communications
Favorite Percom Memory:  West Coast Computer Faire, Comdex (s).
Harold dancing on the table when the Atari Double Density sales went through 
the roof.
John Adel Jr’s “Top Secret” stamp and the Chicken Manifesto

Caryl (Padgett) Eberhardt
Current Address: 3110 Chalkstone Dr., Rowlett, Tx  75088,
Phone #:  972-412-1151
Where working now: Western Bank & Trust, Rowlett, TX 75088   972-475-4500, 
New Accounts/Customer Service
Important Events since leaving Percom: I left Percom in 1983 and began my  
banking career.
Born again Christian January 1996.
Met Don Eberhardt April 1996, married June 28, 1997.
Now have 4 daughters, ages 20, 23, 27 & 30 and 1 granddaughter, age 4.
Candice graduated high school 1999.  LIFE IS GOOD!
Favorite Percom Memory: Way too many to list just one.  What stands out the
most is how Harold & Lucy allowed me to advance in the company.  It meant
so much and gave me a lot of self-confidence.  And the family atmosphere -
from the time I was hired with 6 full-time employees to when I left with
150 employees; my baby shower for Candice; Philadelphia Computer Show (my
first time to fly!); Jim Stutsman; Hugh McClintock; Lots of Laughter!

Barbara Robertson
Current Address:  PO Box 284, Elmo, TX  75118
Phone #: 972-524-0369 wk 903-873-2525
Where working now: Wills Point Chronicle (Van Zandt Newspaper)
Favorite Percom Memory:  A lot. A lot of growing up together, some of us.
And my little cubical, and going from department to department.

Todd Sanders
Greetings from Holland Michigan,
I used to work at Percom in 1981/1982 as a tech. w/Rober Gehm & then with
Larry Saulter later.  Say hi to Tracy Stone for me!!!!!
I left just after Mostek people came in ....... but I loved working there!
Thanks for the memories.
Email me more if you want additional information.....

Todd Sanders             Johnson Controls             
Engineering Manager              

Darron Shaffer

I was Googling for my name to see what sort of thing was out there,
and discovered the Percom Data site.  Lots of old memories there.

I remember seeing my first actual IBM PC.  Everyone in engineering
gathered around to watch Larry Taugher take it out of the box.  And
drop it on the concrete floor.  :-)

I'm still in the Dallas area, and still working as a software
developer.  Currently at Sterling Commerce.

Go ahead an put my email address on the list, and I'd like to hear
about any future reunions.

Remembered But Not Found

These are people we have remembered but not found. If you have names to add or information on these individuals, please e-mail Margo at

Note: where names have changed, the Name at time of leaving Percom is given. If new name taken it will be in ( ). (D) means deceased.

There are many others that are not on this list. If you are looking for a former Percom employee, just let me know and I'll add them to the list. If you have found anyone from this list, please Let me know.

John Adel (D)
Ernest Behringer
Richard Benjamin
Carolyn Black
Connie Burnside
Betty Bursby
Lynn Bye

George Conwill
Margaret Cooke
Irene Coonan
Steve Crandell
Don Criswell
Suzanne Cundieff
Carrie Dismuke
Ken Dunn

Larry Fain
Bob Farrier
Fred Friedricks

Robert Gehm
Mardi Goldman
Abel Hernandez
Lucy Higgins
Dana Holt
Jim Hopkins

Jacqueita Jackson
Audrey Jones (D) 1986
Moses Kaoga (D) 1992
Tom Kastner
Brenda King
Lisa Knoll (Sachse)

Diane LaCasse
Joe Levinson
Vickie Lilley
Denis Lucas
Donna McNeilley
Lori Menges
Verna Milton
Quinthy Mitchell
Herman Moore
Brian Moran

Wilson Oreck

Barney Phillips
Anita Pruitt
DeAnn Quillin
John Reed
Debbie Roan
Ladd Roberts
Don Roden (D)
Michelle Rodriguez
Sharla Rose

Phil Sanders
Nadine Sanders
Lloyd Sargent
Steve Shelton
Nancy Shilling
Steve Stagner
Nance' Steele
Barbara Swindle

Dan Taylor
Tim Thomas
Carole Tucker
Steve Tune
Carolyn West
James Wheeler
Verna Williams
Mearle Wood
Flora Wright

Special Vendors and Consultants:
Randy Rogers

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