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Past Projects

Shutter Wall by Laura:

Laura is covering a whole wall in old shutters. You can see the entire project, inspiration, and process on her blog here.
I am loving this project, and I want to try a similar project in my booth space. Thanks Laura for sharing.

Where are all the Christmas Projects? They've all been moved to their very own page here


Old Typewriter Key jewelry

We've all seen these before, but they are so expensive. So here is how to do it yourself. First find an old typewriter at a GS or ES. Then remove the keys. I simply turned the typewriter on it's side, and grabbed the key with needle-nose plyers and twisted away from the arm that is holding the key. They popped right off. I covered the plyers with tape to protect the keys.

Then I used supplies from the Hobby store and glued metal brackets to the back of each one with E6000 glue (in the jewelry making department). I've made earrings, some bracelets and even tacks.

As with all my projects, I encourage you to use items you already have or have gathered from Garage Sales/Flea markets. Paint, wood scraps etc. That's what makes it truly Trash to Treasure.

These 3 books are my favorites and they are full of inspiration and ideas

This poem was written by the Husband of a fellow Junker, and she was kind enough to let me re-print it. Enjoy:

Curbsdide Archeology

She prowls in duty in the night,
In snow, or rain or when it's dry.
And curbside trash if she can find,
she wrestles from the garbage fly.
Thus humbled to this curbside waste
She grabs it, then departs in haste.

One can the more, one bag the less
Had half impared hat shameless grace
That searches deep within each sack
The smell of refuse on her face.
But odors can not drive her back
Unless a skunk be in that place.

And now my dear the night's no more
Your fingernails are cracked and wore
The smell of skunk is on our clothes
But you found one legged panty hose
And even though your treasure's tore
You'ved had success, now you want more.

She searches darkness for the lost
Redeeming from a certain fate
That which was useles and cast off
To revive its sorry state.
Thus washed and cleansed at her own cost
Saving before it is too late.

As Jesus hearkens to the lost
Redeeming us from certain fate
when God to us seemed so far off
Christ restored us to His Gates.
Thus washed and cleansed at His own cost,
saving before it was too late.

Jerry Edwin Jeans